Virtual Workplace Efficiency

Virtual technologies to boost employee productivity

Obsolete and old-fashioned technologies keep employees from performing at their full potential. Of course, you can provide your team with the most innovative devices — that’s effective and smart, but it costs a pretty penny! Fortunately, there’s another solution — virtual workplaces.

How do they work? Your employees continue using their computer monitors and keyboards. But instead of personal computers, they use thin clients and virtual workstations.

Unlike traditional PCs, these machines don’t do any computation. Instead, they connect input and output devices (monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.) to a centralized server that stores data and processes user requests. Thin clients serve as a conduit between a central corporate server-based information space and the local workstation.

The low price of thin clients isn’t the only advantage. Your business can also save costs by installing licensed software on the central server only, and you save money on maintenance since you set up the virtual station once for all devices.

By transferring key functions to a central node, distributed workstations increase infrastructure performance and security. It means that a centralized backup system will record all data, and confidential information won’t leave your protected space.

FTL specialists will help you create a fault-tolerant scalable hardware-software complex for any number of local and remote employees, maximizing every penny of your investment.

Our advantages



We work with time-tested, industry-approved vendors like Cisco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Fortinet, and Microsoft.


We are successfully working on IT strategy creation, infrastructure architecture, cybersecurity improvement, and software development.


Our expertise is not limited to Kyiv and Ukraine since FTL has been integrating systems for multiple international companies.

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