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An IT audit allows you to conduct an objective assessment of your information systems and run diagnostics. It helps you check that your company is operating efficiently, and shows you the weak spots in existing business processes.

Modern business operations are built on IT technologies. As process automation increases, information systems auditing has become more common. An audit is the only way to be sure that equipment processing critical data is working flawlessly and that information processes are running smoothly.

Leading companies conduct IT audits with surprising regularity. For them, it’s as common as vehicle inspection or health screening. Experts carry out complex examinations of digital business systems, and check individual components such as server and network infrastructure, corporate networks, software, and aspects of cybersecurity.

An IT audit is also good for assessing the cost-effectiveness of your spending on equipment, hosting, licenses, services, and websites, and even on training and salaries for in-house IT specialists.

An IT audit from FTL experts reveals the weak spots in your company’s infrastructure and business processes, and suggests how you can eliminate them, increase efficiency, and ensure data protection. The result is a roadmap with recommended changes for your company’s digital transformation.


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