Data Protection and Confidentiality

Data protection is your shield against failures and leakage

The first step to ensuring data integrity is smart handling. The right architecture, developed with your business in mind, will offer you a wide range of data protection strategies. Encryption solutions also ensure security throughout the data lifecycle, and allow you to restrict access to confidential information.

There are many ways you can protect your data from unauthorized access. Software tools can provide barriers to potential information thieves, and encryption technology allows you to change data beyond recognition.

But theft is not the only threat to confidential information. Data also needs protection from damage or loss resulting from hardware failure,  employee negligence, and ill intention. In these cases, data backup, duplication, and distributed and remote storage come to the rescue.

This is why you should treat data protection as a comprehensive strategy. This strategy includes external and internal risk assessment, auditing the business processes that employ your data, protecting your communication channels, and encrypting your traffic. Experts at FTL provide 360-degree cybersecurity consulting services to help you create powerful and flexible data security solutions.

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