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At one time or another, each one of us experiences digital data loss. It’s always disappointing, even if the information is not critical and the loss does not have a business impact. The amount of digital data stored worldwide increases exponentially and our reliance on it becomes critical. For a business, massive data loss can easily result in a shutdown.

Nowadays, almost all companies use databases. They store critical information that is often changed, supplemented, or overwritten. Even a temporary loss of access to this data can halt production, with a corresponding financial loss. The nightmare scenario is a major data loss. This kind of disaster can make companies close down and go bankrupt.

Therefore, backup systems are an integral part of any IT infrastructure. These systems allow you to recover data in case of partial or complete loss caused by software or hardware malfunction, cyberattack, or other.

FTL offers a variety of solutions for backup and data recovery. Our solutions range from individual files and local disk protection to backing up websites and creating custom storage solutions. With backup systems from FTL, you will be prepared for challenging situations and will be able to restore important files, switch between data sources, and prevent data loss.

Our advantages



We have been helping our clients to protect their data since 2007.


We work with time-tested, industry-approved vendors like Cisco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Fortinet, Microsoft.


Our satisfied clients include Lactalis Ukraine, PAEK, Euromix, Sich Bank, and others.

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