Digital asset protection isn’t just a buzzword. It’s the creation of a modern security ecosystem within your organization.

Stay secure and outstep your competitors

We combine global innovations in cybersecurity with extensive professional experience to help businesses run smoothly and grow.
Who needs cybersecurity?

Anyone with a business. Data is in high demand on the black market. More than 50% of cyberattacks reported last year affected businesses, with industry, the medical and financial sectors, and government institutions hit the worst.

Some organizations didn’t take proper care of network, server, or database security, while others just weren’t prepared for DDoS attacks. Still others couldn’t protect their communication channels and prevent data leakage.Cybersecurity experts can help companies protect critical data from hacker attacks and software failure.

Защитите свое цифровое предприятие и обеспечьте его непрерывность


million records

containing Ukrainians’ personal data were put up for sale in 2020


million clients

of EasyJet, a British airline, lost their privacy due to a data breach in 2020


million records

of client data from Russian microfinance organizations are on sale on an online cybercrime marketplace

Безопасность приложений
The best tools for cybersecurity protection

Cybersecurity begins with security testing and penetration testing to detect weaknesses in your organization’s IT infrastructure. The next stage is developing a business cybersecurity strategy and implementing it to build a secure ecosystem.

At FTL Company Ltd., we use ethical hackers, cutting-edge methods and technologies, and in-house private solutions to protect your business. We offer a countermeasure for each type of IT system attack.

Cybersecurity requires systematic work, but even occasional interventions, if implemented by specialists, can strengthen your market position and give you the competitive advantage you need when it matters most. Start building a healthy cybersecurity environment with us!

Cybersecurity services

Is your business protected against cyberthreats?

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FTL Company Ltd. provides software outsourcing services and builds innovative IT solutions to increase revenue by cutting operating costs, minimize business risks, and gain an advantage over competitors. Let us find a development team that will meet your needs and requirements.

Implementing cybersecurity

The number of cyberattacks targeted at businesses increases each year. Information systems at risk include:

  • Data in local and cloud storage
  • Contract details and confidential documents
  • Clients’ personal data
  • Internal service access
  • Network and process stability

Don’t believe you’ll somehow be spared. For one thing, you’ll be weaker than your competitors, and you’ll be an easy target for cybercriminals. What’s more, you won’t even know when someone presents a threat. People who care about information security won’t risk doing business with such a partner.

The only solution is to invest in cybersecurity. It doesn’t mean you have to pay for expensive security systems. It doesn’t even cost much to teach your employees about internet safety, but your business will be better protected. It’s important to involve security experts. They’ll help you choose the best solution according to the nature of your business, potential risks, and financial constraints.

Cybercriminal deterrents operate at different levels:

  • Securing and archiving your digital assets ensures data confidentiality and prevents unauthorized access. Security experts can help you protect and restore your confidential data.
  • Protecting your digital enterprise ensures your business continues to run smoothly. Experts can detect threats and attacks in time and give an effective response. This keeps your operational processes moving and resistant to attack.
  • Implementing network security and user and device protection will protect your business from phishing attacks and the ever-present risk of human fallibility.

Other effective security measures include implementing an appropriate user security policy and authentication settings, setting up a firewall and network antivirus software, and using traffic monitoring for real-time threat detection.

Cybersecurity, just like industrial safety, shouldn’t be left to amateurs.

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