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Cybersecurity consulting: why is it necessary?

Security starts with a strategy. FTL cybersecurity experts help you develop a cybersecurity framework that meets your business needs and offers optimal ROI.

Sometimes, business owners, C-level management, and even IT directors or specialists have very superficial knowledge about cybersecurity. One of the reasons is that new business and infrastructure threats appear all the time.

Without cybersecurity expertise, you can’t be sure confidential data and production are well protected against software errors and intrusions. That is why consulting an expert is so important.

Our ZeroDistance approach allows for a quick cybersecurity audit of your enterprise. Like an x-ray, it detects the areas where you could achieve the biggest improvements with the least effort. As a result of the audit, we’ll offer you an IT security strategy, develop the necessary architecture, and provide you with a step-by-step guide to solving the most acute security problems.

Our advantages



Taking care of our clients’ security since 2007.


FTL Company Ltd. brings together over 50 experts in various fields and industries.


Working with the best vendors: Cisco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Fortinet, Microsoft.

Take good care of your business’s cybersecurity!

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