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Antivirus solutions for business: guarding your processes and applications

The seamless operation of many companies depends on the business apps they use. So, it’s important that the applications processing critical business data have correct configuration and no software vulnerabilities.

Cybercriminals use these loopholes to access a company’s infrastructure and confidential information or simply disable apps. This may compromise data, disrupt business processes, and, consequently, cause severe financial and reputational losses.

The security of applications in the multi-level cybersecurity system of your business is usually ensured by antivirus software. It can detect known malware signatures and unknown greyware, analyze suspicious scripts in an emulated virtual environment, etc. Antivirus software can offer a solution to various kinds of cyberattacks.

Email security is another plane of protecting your applications from security threats. It prevents hacking software from penetrating your corporate network through email. It also protects mail servers and employee mailboxes.

For the past ten years, FTL Company Ltd. has been creating the best antivirus solutions for our clients. In addition to our experience in secure development, we also take time to fully understand the nature of the business we need to protect, its needs, and its risks.

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You’ll find Lactalis Ukraine, PAEK, Euromix, Bank SICH, and others among our satisfied clients.


We work with the best vendors: Cisco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Fortinet, Microsoft.


Taking care of our clients’ security since 2007.

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