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Simple things are the hardest. We offer a full range of UI/UX services to create a clean and crisp software design your customers will love. Following the research-prototype-product flow, we build trustworthy, engaging websites and apps. This leads to greater conversion, loyalty, and revenue.

We provide turn-key solutions or help you hire a UI/UX designer

We guarantee you'll stand out from competitors regardless if you select our application design services or choose to hire a UI designer.
Our advantages

At FTL, we will help you hire a UI/UX designer with 3+ years of hands-on experience to work as part of your dedicated team. Alternatively, you can always hire our own team to develop UI/UX design for your website, web or mobile app. We will create software wireframes during the software discovery phase and build a user-friendly interface guided by your business needs and your customers’ preferences. Alternatively, we can improve the software usability of your existing product. With FTL, you’ll:

  • Learn more about your product users’ needs and habits once we do the professional research
  • Stop wasting your time and resources on unnecessary elements and functions
  • Build and test a prototype to make sure that it meets the product requirements
  • Determine a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) based on real feedback and user expectations, thus reducing the time-to-market
  • Improve user experience and ensure greater loyalty and engagement.


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UI/UX design will help you

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Optimize development costs

Boost conversion and revenue

Make your clients fall in love with your application!

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FTL Company Ltd. provides software outsourcing services and builds innovative IT solutions to increase revenue by cutting operating costs, minimize business risks, and gain an advantage over competitors. Let us find a development team that will meet your needs and requirements.
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