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Your digital infrastructure determines the resilience of your business. For more than ten years, we have been providing the best solutions for IT infrastructure.
Why you need to design your enterprise IT infrastructure

The digital infrastructure of an enterprise can be as simple as an old PC connected to a network. Or it can include thousands of workstations and servers connected to numerous data centers and cloud services.

Depending on the complexity of the enterprise business processes, the IT infrastructure may include personal workstations and office equipment; file servers and data centers; wireless networks and structured cabling systems; software and cloud services. It may also contain control, access, and video surveillance devices.

No matter its size and structure, IT infrastructure performs the basic functions and business processes of an enterprise. The key question is whether it performs those tasks efficiently.

Infrastructure efficiency depends on several factors. These include engineering solutions, the chosen vendors, and the technologies used in design and installation. FTL’s specialists always focus on the needs of each business. As a result, custom systems we’re building optimize work processes, enhance efficiency, accelerate interaction, protect critical data, and ensure fault tolerance.


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size of the global cloud infrastructure services market in 2019


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provided by Amazon and Microsoft

Cisco, Dell Inc, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

the largest suppliers of IT infrastructure equipment

Cloud services are easy to set up and use

Today, companies around the world are using cloud services, and Ukrainian businesses are no exception. Dropbox, Google, and Microsoft all provide options for secure communication, data storage, easy access, and an opportunity to work collaboratively on projects across different teams, offices, and even countries. Businesses in Ukraine have no problem joining forces with those in Europe and the United States.

There are more than a dozen cloud models, the most common being SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. In the first case, a client rents software like Microsoft Office 365; with PaaS, the business leverages a full-fledged virtual platform; and IaaS allows clients to rent remote computing resources. Remote services for data centers and backup storage protect critical information not only from cyber threats but also from forcible withdrawal.

Every company is unique and benefits from a personalized approach. Let our experts help you determine which of your infrastructure components should be transferred to the cloud. When you choose FTL, you have access to specialists who provide infrastructure solutions that benefit your organization.

Infrastructure and cloud services

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