Identity Management and Access Control

Access control brings convenience and security

A company security policy that divides users into levels according to their roles and business processes protects your company from unnecessary risk. When employees only have access to the resources they need, the likelihood of human factor-related failures, data loss, and confidential information leakages decreases significantly.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems automate access to data and services. Together with cloud technologies, they make business processes more flexible and scalable by giving employees an appropriate security level and filtering out unauthorized access. Privileged account management also lowers the risk of costly cyberattacks.

A company-wide privilege and access control system plays an important role in restricting who can use your services or data. This is useful, for example, after employee dismissal or resignation, or for granting special rights to partners who don’t have direct access to your corporate network.

FTL experts design and implement optimum solutions for user authentication and access, based on your key risks and business efficiency. As a result, your data stays safe and your employees get tailored access to the apps and tools they need.

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