Detection and Response

The right way to react to cyberthreats

Regardless of your investment in security, incidents happen. Fortunately, implementing complex systems for automated cybersecurity threat detection and rapid threat response can keep their impact on your business to a minimum.

Quite often, incidents aren’t the result of malicious intrusion. Still, your partners, clients, and government officials don’t care about the actual reasons for the rising volume of confidential data leakage. Organizations that collect, process, and store personal information are particularly vulnerable. On the one hand, they’re a key target for malicious users, and on the other, they’re subject to tighter rules from regulatory bodies.

A cybersecurity threat response strategy can provide a timely and effective response to incidents by protecting your network perimeter, datacenter servers, and separate devices automatically. This reduces your need for a cybersecurity expert, saving you time and money. An automatic response system can also inform designated employees, management, or owners about an unexpected situation.

FTL cybersecurity experts can set up your IT infrastructure to detect abnormal behavior, provide tools for software threat detection, and prepare effective scenarios for real-time response to open and hidden cyber threats.

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